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City Hall and Fountain at night

“It’s that sleepy intersection of roads somewhere in South Central Mindanao”

Well, not exactly right.

Located 6° 41′ 33″ North, 124° 40′ 35″ East, This premier city of Goodwill is an impressionable crossroads of destinations, businesses and culture. Not only that it caters to travelers passing its paved roads it is also a thriving agricultural and business center for most of its constituents.

Previously named Pamangsang (creek), and later on Tacurong (from “Talakudong” meaning headgear) this town was founded in 1951 and became a 4th class component city of Sultan Kudarat last 2000. With total aland area of 15,340 hectares, divided into 20 baranggays, Tacurong City holds some 82000 culturally diverse people.

Despite its bustling agricultural industry (rice production surpassing the city’s needs), other business thriving in the city shows a lot of potential.

To know more about the Tacurong City local government, visit its official website .

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