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Tacurong Online Advertising Policy

I’d be honest, running a website is an expensive “hobby”. Owning a site means buying a domain name, a paid hosting service, subscribing to a reliable internet connection, getting a decent site design/theme and so on.

That said, this blog wasn’t created to make a profit. It’s a fun hobby done to promote Tacurong City POSITIVELY,  for FREE, rather than as a business intended to make money.

There are, however, a few ways in which you can support Tacurong Online. And if you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact me thru this page!


Donations are a great way to support the blog in a quick and easy way. You can donate via this PayPal button – just click the paypal button like the one below, anywhere on Tacurong City. net site.

If you leave a note with your donation, I might include it in a mention in one of the post/ads on the blog. Greetings, classified ads mentions or plain shout outs could be included with your donation, but is not a requirement.  Feel free to email me!


I currently use Google Adsense as my advertising partners of choice. If you’d like to advertise on the site, feel free to place one in our classified sections, ask for a feature review or bid on *advertising spots.

The following adverts are not permitted on the site:

  • Pornography, adverts that incite racial hatred or discrimination, or other materials as I deem inappropriate for my readers.
  • Political advertisements, suggested or intentional, implicit or explicit or bashing of political entities, figures.
  • Hacking, bots, cracked soft wares, bootlegged or pirated materials

I reserve the right to reject adverts I deem unsuitable, without prior notice and without providing justification.

Review Products

I am more than happy  to provide reviews of products or services and I am willing to write and publish said reviews for as long as it offers a positive look on Tacurong City in general. Please note that reviews will not be provided in exchange for money. Articles that have been supported in this way will mention that a sample was provided for review.

Please note that providing a review sample does not not give you editorial control over the review.


You’re welcome to make offers of sponsoring the blog. Please contact me thru this page with your proposals.

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