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Tacurong Online welcomes comments and criticisms that foster healthy discussion!

By posting on Tacurong Online, you give us the permission to delete your post or to use, edit, modify, copy, reproduce, reformat, distribute, transmit, and publicly display your post without compensation.

You’re free to question or disagree with the content of our articles, but we reserve the right to delete — without notice and at our sole discretion — posts that contain any of the following:

  • Usernames or pseudonyms based on another person’s identity, publicly known or otherwise, living or dead
  • Abusive, threatening, harassing, profane, obscene, vulgar, or disruptive language (this also applies to usernames)
  • Unsupported accusations, insults, direct attacks or threats, hate speech, defamation, or disrespectful statements
  • Ethnic, religious, sexual, gender and/or racial slurs, and other discriminatory statements
  • Any behavior that hinders the free exchange of thoughts and opinions, including (but not limited to) trollingflamingshouting, and flooding
  • Copyrighted or proprietary material posted without permission from, or credit to, the original source
  • Advertisements, promotional materials, spam, and links to the same
  • Any material that the editors of the site deem irrelevant or inappropriate to the discussion, for whatever reason

Multiple violations by any single individual will be deleted outright, and will result in his/her summary banning from the website. His/her IP address may also be logged and blocked.

Published comments are the commenters’ own and do not reflect the views of the author(s) and owner of the site.

This Policy may be updated or amended by Tacurong Online author and administrator at any time, without notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can  email us at with the header :COMMENT

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