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Making a positive impact in Tacurong City, the NDTHS Nubenta way!

Twenty five years ago, some 500+ brilliant, enthusiastic and talented high school students of Tacurong graduated from the academic halls of Notre Dame. That remarkable group of brilliant youngsters was aptly christened Nubenta, after the year of their graduation Some left for greener pastures elsewhere, others stayed and contributed to Tacurong’s continued economic growth. Most returned, in ways that are uniquely Nubenta.

In the past, the group has had various socio civic projects aimed at making a positive impact in Tacurong City. There were scholarships, financial and academic aids to some identified students. These projects are organized locally and funded internationally by Nubenta.

Last July 9, 2015 , marks a huge first step for Nubenta. Nubenta partnered with LGU Tacurong tru Hon. Lina Montilla providing medical, dental and social services to residents of Brgy. EJC Montilla in Tacurong City.



Nubenta donated medicines, augmented medical and dental services (via Nubeta’s very own Drs. Tadena, Salendab  and Aguilar  and dentist Dr. Gil Orpiano) as well as in the various socio-civic services that Tacurong City LGU brought. Nubenta Allan Freno (Tacurong PIO) helped out in the job fair, while Nubenta lawyer Remo Flores provided free legal consultation. Mr. Lagsub, also a nubenta,  form part of the Dept. of Agriculture contingent.

Tacurong City Chief of Police Inspector Junny Buenacosa  a nubenta himself,  headed the police force helping the orderly and systematic proceeding of this socio civic event. The full complement of Nubenta teachers headed by Dep Ed Supervisor Joseph Pilotos were present also to augment the various services available to residents of Brgy. EJC Montilla

I can feel the excitement and proud moments of the Nubenta alumni especially those who are in far away places. As a Tacurongnon and a Notre Damean, one of our loftiest aspiration is to give back to the community the blessings and special rearing it gave us when we were students then. This is another step to that fulfilment.

The 100+ nubenta who showed up for the medical dental mission is inspiring. Nubenta alumni is amazed by how the social services are brought to the residents of Tacurong  City. Taking part in it, certainly brought a sense of fulfilment and belongingness to the city they once grew up.  This in my opinion,  affirms the socially relevant upbringing Notre Dame taught us.

Thank you Brgy. EJC Montilla for giving us the privilege of sharing our blessings. We also thank LGU Tacurong tru Mayor Lina Montilla, for partnering with NDTHS Nubenta and providing us with an opportunity to make a positive impact to Tacurong. We owe our gratitude to our Notre Dame High School, our alma mater, for honing a batch of brilliant, community oriented, socially relevant citizens of this city.

Notre Dame of Tacurong High School Batch 90 (Nubenta) at VE-JR Exit

Notre Dame of Tacurong High School Batch 90 (Nubenta) at VE-JR Exit

Well, Nubenta this one for all of us. This is Nubenta’s handmade event. Our Nubenta alumni who financially supported this event, Tacurong City’s gratitude is overflowing. Tacurong is always your home. Notre Dame will always be your school and here, Nubenta will always be rockstars!

(All photos  from Rick Morales, Malou Dolorfino and Remo Aguilar’s photo set. The author is also a proud Nubenta 🙂 )

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- I’m a traveler. I work fulltime as a medical professional. I go to different places most of the time I’m off my day job. I shoot photos for fun, hack computers for even more fun and play badminton as my exercise. And yes, I’m not rich.

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