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Published On: Tue, Oct 6th, 2015

For the love of chicken, El Favorito’s Chicken Bulalo is a must try!

I have been travelling and tasting food elsewhere for so many times already, I wish someone from my place would concoct a dish or cook a recipe that would be distinctly, of Tacurongnon‘s taste.  But what is the so called Tacurongnon’s taste?

Tacurong is known for it’s signature native chicken barbecue (Nandings), it’s superb fresh lumpia and palabok (Fortune Place)  or the sweet baby back ribs  Palm Bistro) and I’m proud of these. I still believe though,  Tacurongnons have more than enough talented chefs and cooks  capable of churning out food recipes out of the ordinary.

At El Favoritos, I think I stumbled at an array of recipes cooked differently yet still retain Tacurongnon’s penchant for chicken. Innovative, deliciously unique and stylishly plated, El Favoritos’ cooking is something of interest lately.

Yes I know, there might have been Chicken Bulalo elsewhere but this is the first time I tasted it here in Tacurong City, and it’s damn good. No, very good. A lot better. Here’s why:

The native chicken is cooked slow in brothe for 4 hours enough to soften the usually “hard” native chicken meat, but not to the point of disintegrating its fibers ( which is kind of messy to eat).  The chili hot, pepper spiced chicken bulalo is perfect for the cold weather like today. I used to like bulalo so much I wish someone whips a healthier version of it. At El favoritos, this should be it, I think.

El Favoritos Chicken Bulalo is a must try!

El Favoritos Chicken Bulalo is a must try!

Try El favoritos Chicken Ala Chocolata which is deep fried chicken laced with  chocolate and corn cream mix . Kind of unusual to see chocolate sauced unto a fried chicken but at El Favorito, they’ve the balance of taste you wouldn’t get that “nakakaumay”  taste of a sweet chocolate. I’d say this is also a must try.

El Favoritos Chicken Ala Chocholata

El Favoritos Chicken Ala Chocolata is a winner!

El Favorito’s chef also experimented pairing fried chicken with the likes of pineapple and cream of mushroom and I think the gamble paid off. Now I don’t know how their chef have done it or is doing this, but I’m pretty sure they’re very much on the right track capturing the more adventurous taste buds tacurong has to offer.

Chicken Pineapple and Cream Mushroom, also a must try

Chicken Pineapple and Cream Mushroom, also a must try

El Favoritos have an array of dishes on the menu, but the one interesting for office workers and students is their on the go offerings. I’ve tasted their burgers and it taste better than those you see with commercial. Trust me! Also.  Most knew I rarely eat pasta but El Favorito’s spaghetti and carbonara are cooked to my liking!  I don’t know, but you may have to try for yourselves.

I finished off my three main courses with this dessert!

I finished off my three main courses with this dessert!

Don’t worry, even if El Favoritos is positioning itself as a fine dining restaurant (with the sassy plating and food presentation) but they’re very reasonably priced. For  Php 138.00 for example , you can have  Chicken Ala Chocolata + Unlimited Rice + 12oz Ice Tea or Water Melon Juice. For a fine dining experience, that far cheaper than eating in those commercial fast food stores!

To make it more interesting, El Favoritos started about two months ago. They have a booth at Tacurong City Grounds during Talakudong Festival up to October 6, 2015. El favoritos is also slated to showcase their menu at the Kalimudan Festival Food Fair this coming November. Their permanent restaurant would operate soon at Le Gre Building 2 just along National Highway going to Isulan Sultan Kudarat.


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