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Published On: Sun, May 12th, 2013

i-Vote 2013: How to find your voting precinct online!

Voting this 2013 will be a lot easier thanks to COMELEC‘s “Precinct Finder and Google’s Find Your Precinct app.


..intends to provide an additional way of verifying the status of a person’s voter registration record (VRR), without going to the local COMELEC office…-COMELEC website

So for those who have registered before and would like to know their registration status or their voting precinct online, Precinct Finder will be the easiest way for you to find it out.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to COMELEC’s Precinct Finder page by clicking this link or pasting this on your browser’s url ->>””

    COMELEC's precinct finder page

    COMELEC’s precinct finder page

  2. Supply the necessary data -Your full name, date of birth (as supplied when you applied for voters registration)
  3. Click the blue “Search” button after supplying the necessary data being asked.
  4. Write down your precinct number from the pop up window/page that follows. You will need this later and during election time

Now what if you have your precinct number? You still don’t know where is that precinct located? Worry no more there’s “ Find your Precinct” app by Google to help you.

What is Find Your Precinct app and what will it do?

Well, the app simply finds your voting precinct in Google map! Developed by a Google engineer from Gen Santos City, this cool app aids voters (unfamiliar with their voting place) find their actual voting precincts right on the map! Now how cool is that? No more precinct hunting, transportation haggling or travel wasting before voting!

Here’s how you find your precinct on map:

  1. With the precinct number you got from COMELEC’s Precint Finder page, go to 

    Snapshot of Google's find your precinct app portal page.

    Snapshot of Google’s find your precinct app portal page.

  2. Supply the needed information in the blank spaces provided (i.e Region/City, precinct number)
  3. Click on the find your precinct button and viola, a puspin marker will bring you directly to your precinct in Google map.

Note that, Google’s Find your Precinct app will only work if your precinct has been mapped out already previously by volunteer Google mappers, like this one. But if you know the location of your precinct, knows how to use Google map and wanted to help others find their precinct too, you can do so by clicking the “help others find their precinct” box on the right side of Find your Precinct app page and follow the instructions there.

Again, no more precinct haggling, unnecessary precinct hunting and fare wasting just to find your precinct. Use COMELEC’s precinct finder page and Google’s Find your Precinct app!

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