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Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2012

Write about Tacurong City and win a prize! The Tacurong City Feature Writing Contest

Good news writers, bloggers and everyone else interested! Write about the city of goodwill and who knows? You might just win a prize in the process!

For the first time, this year’s Talakudong Festival series of exciting events includes a Feature Writing Contest.

What should you write about Tacurong City?

Hint: If you’re a frequent visitor of this place, or read about tacurong in Tacurong City. net  (www. or the city’s official website, you will learn there’s plenty enough POSITIVE, to write about Tacurong- way of life, tourism, business and economy, recent milestones in governance, awards etc…

So what are you waiting for?

Game na!

A feature write up of Tacurong City in Manila Bulletin (Photos by Bernard Supetran)

Here’s the Mechanics lifted verbatim from the Official Site of Talakudong Festival 2012.

  1. The contest is open to all interested individuals.
  2. The contestants must submit a 1000 to 1500-word creative nonfiction/feature story about Tacurong. Essays must be about but not limited to the city’s people, life, Talakudong Festival, tourism, business and economy, environment, etc.
  3. Essays must be submitted on or before September 21, 2012.
  4. Entries must be submitted via e-mail ( and/or in print to the Tri-Media Room, 2nd floor City Hall Building, Tacurong City. Subject of email must be Feature writing contest entry. Email should include participant’s full name, address, and cellphone number.
  5. The essay must be computer encoded in a short-sized (8.5’’ x 11’’) paper with the following specifications: Font size -12pt; Margins-1’’ all sides; Font style – Times New Roman; Spacing-1.5.
  6. Each participant must submit only one entry.
  7. All entries shall be the property of the City Government of Tacurong after the competition. The city government reserves the right edit/use all essays for publication.
  8. The decision of the Board of Judges is FINAL.

Winners will receive:

  • 1st –  P5,000.00 plus certificate
  • 2nd – P3,000.00 plus certificate
  • 3rd – P2,000.00 plus certificate

For more details please contact the Tri-Media Room at 064-384-2158 or text 09151784315.

Let the writing frenzy start!

About the Author

- I’m a traveler. I work fulltime as a medical professional. I go to different places most of the time I’m off my day job. I shoot photos for fun, hack computers for even more fun and play badminton as my exercise. And yes, I’m not rich.

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  1. Apolinario B Villalobos says:

    Tacurong, My Own

    …City of


    By Apolinario B



    Blessed with a fertile

    Greened by blades of rice
    and corn,

    Undulated by the wind that

    Over trees on rolling

    Carpeted with grass

    That seemed is daily
    shorn –

    This is Tacurong, my own.


    Pamansang as she was

    In the days when rivers

    Gently flowed down

    Her patches of marsh

    Interspersed with paddies

    Turning golden with

    Ripened rice in summer;


    Indented with the hills
    of Kalandagan

    Crowned with forests made

    With monkeys’ calls and
    avian songs ,

    She was a paradise,
    hidden as should be

    But not for long when
    many came

    And her sight, gave them
    such ecstacy –

    A joy, a feeling filled
    with glory!


    On once marshy lands were
    roads hewn

    And marks  made for schools and houses

    Of course, others were
    made, too

    For town hall, market and
    the rest…

    Alas! Progress was in
    sight –

    For Buluan’s  once marshy village

    Came to life brimming
    with promise.





    Then came Visayans and
    those from the north

    They brought with them a
    fervent desire

    Deeply etched in their
    heart to start a new life –

    In this they did not
    fail, instead, they succeed

    As they joined hands with
    brother Muslims

    And B’laans from the
    forested hills –

    To lift beloved Tacurong
    to a height of bliss!


    Tacurongnons believe that
    God is one –

    The cross and the
    crescent moon

    For a sturdy goodwill and

    These symbols proudly

    Beaming a radiant light
    on a people

    Proud and shaded with

    For which Tacurong was
    also known.


    Pamansang… Talakudong…
    whatever name

    In the shadow of
    Buluan  she was known

    Now a crossroad in the
    avenues of progress

    But most of all, home to
    melded cultures

    United with fibers of
    trust, love and respect

    She will always be a
    jewel in the sun –

    A City of Goodwill that
    beckons to every one!


    (September 2012)




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