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Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2012
Tips | By Remo

Eight Must Do Things for participants before Let’s Map Tacurong Workshop!!

I highly encourage the would be participants  to do the following before the actual Tacurong Google Mapping workshop on May 20, 2012. These tips by mapping enthusiasts Theo Cayambas and Avel Manansala really helped me maximize geo tagging using the Google Map Maker . I added a call for signing a “request” to Google Maps for a better satellite imagery of Tacurong City.

  1. Get a G-Mail email account if you don’t have one. While you can use a non Gmail email account to open up a Google account, it’s far easier to do so with Gmail account. Plus, syncing all your Google apps (such as Google Map Maker, below) with be far easier with a gmail account. It’s also easier to interact (email, googlegroups) with fellow mapper using a Gmail account. Best of all, it’s FREE and is one of the more robust, better secured, free web email services backed up by a Search engine titan! Go to , click on the red button with ‘create an account‘ or ‘sign up‘ to jump start your Gmail account.
  2. Now with your Gmail , create a Google Plus account. Inside GMail screen, click the blue button that says ‘Join Google+‘ or ‘activate profile‘ on the upper right hand corner where your name appears. If you can’t find it there, try the drop down menu located on the same area. Owning a Google Plus profile makes it easier for you to interact( ask questions, clarification, chat etc) with fellow mapmakers on forums and elsewhere. Plus, Google + is such a brand new social media site that has a lot of new features to offer compared to other social networking sites! Try it now!
  3. This one is a must,  so activate your Google Places nickname for everyone to know you when you’re doing the edits on Google Map Maker. Editing and adding places on Google Map Maker is all about credibility. Credibility would be easily determined by reviewers if they know who you are. Your map edits will be approved faster also once you gain credibility as map maker. Just go  to choose  your nickname  and presto, you’ve linked your Google Plus account with your map maker account name!
  4. With your Google Places name activated, go to Google Map Maker or, watch the first (or if you have  time, all) tutorial video(s). You can dabble on doing your first map edits but make sure you map your neighborhood first but not any private place (say your room or your significant other’s house). We will explain why on the map workshop itself.
  5. Oh, before you do your edits, notice the blurry satellite image of Tacurong City on Google Map?Yes, that low resolution satellite  image is way back 2006 and hasn’t been updated ever since yet. Don’t fret. You can help Tacurong City get a BETTER, HIGH DEFINITION SATELLITE IMAGE OF TACURONG CITY ON GOOGLE MAP, by filling a request on Google Earth’s contact page (
    • On the portion that ask “select the problem your experiencing” , choose “Low Resolution/Cant Zoom In” in the drop down menu,  
      You can help Tacurong City get a BETTER, HIGH DEFINITION SATELLITE IMAGE OF TACURONG CITY ON GOOGLE MAP, by filling a request on Google Earth’s contact page 
    • put your email address, add a message like “please update satellite image of Tacurong City” , then type “Tacurong City” in the search bar below the Google Map snapshot to center your request on Tacurong City.
    • Click the blue button that says “submit” and your done! Follow the other prompts if you wish to follow on other Google map maker features as you wish.
  6. Go back to your Google Plus account and add the following Google Plus accounts to you G+ Circles:
    1. Tacurong Google Mappers G+ Page (
    2. Map 4 Mindanao Page (
  7. This is an optional step, but a wonderful plus if you have an android phone, like a Samsung Y (or an iPhone) with GPS capability. Download Mytrack (free app) from the Google Play market. Using Mytrack is as easy as 1-2-3! You just start your GPS, start your mytrack app, start recording and the GPS will record all the venues, loactions you’re going to. You can upload this later to your google account as a kml file to overlay on your map maker. That easy!
  8. Charge your laptop’s battery fully the night prior to mapping workshop day on May 20, 2012.

After you have done these steps, you are now ready for the first-ever Let’s Map Tacurong Mapping workshop!

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