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Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2011

Sox Bloggers hito overload at VE-JR Ihaw-Ihaw sa Exit Tacurong City

Sox bloggers (Avel, Laurence, Nanardz, Ariel, Arce, Joy, Remo) tasted Tacurong City’s dose of hito (catfish) overload. Yes, that yummy, tasty crunchy deep fried hito coupled with “Nilagpang” chicken broth served by no less than VE-JR Ihaw-Ihaw sa Exit. Mr. Batchar was kind enough to serve us with the best hito, tilapia and chicken delicacieson their menu. That, plus the cozy, relaxed food place and FREE WIFI!

Sox Bloggers taking photos prior to hito overload!

Perfect place for family bonding and eating bonanza for online netizens like me! You can even log on their foursquare site and leave tips!

Can we ask for more?

You may reach VE-JR Ihaw Ihaw sa Exit via their telephone number (064)2006262 to place your order ahead of time or visit their place at Brgy New Isabela along bus exit route of Tacurong city. You definitely need a transportation to go to this place. Kain Na!

Hito overload!

Sox bloggers with Mr. Batchar

Thank you VE-JR!

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