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Top Ten Things “You Should Do” when in Tacurong City

Whenever someone asks me what are the “best” things to do when  in Tacurong City, I whip out this list. Tacurong City is blossoming as a major tourism get go in Mindanao.  Finding an authentic Tacurongnon tourism brand is a challenge but,  we’re getting there. Take note what’s included in this list are my preferences based on personal experiences. Also, I created this inclusive list rather than a list of exclusives. So if I missed some of Tacurong faves, please do comment below. Without much ado, here’s my top ten things to do when you are in tacurong City.

1. Watch and take photos of Talakudong Festival street dancing competition or “Lumbayag sa Kadalanan”.

Celebrated during the Tacurong’s City foundation anniversary, Talakudong festival is proving to be a major attraction in SOCCSARSKGen area. This street dancing competition is unique mainly because the dance theme or storyline is always based on the “kudong” or head gear. Essentially, that is where Talakudong and Tacurong got its name.

2. Visit the famed Baras Bird Sanctuary and photograph birds in the wild!

Post card from Baras Bird Sanctuary!

Post card from Baras Bird Sanctuary!

One of the easiest if not the easiest way of seeing birds in the wild, is by visiting Baras Bird Sanctuary. You’ll see several species of migratory birds without going deep inside a forest. The sanctuary holds the most number of birds on a per square meter ratio.  It’s best to go there early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when birds come back from hunting food. Nevertheless, you’d see birds perched in the tree or nest the whole day!

3. Visit the Double Day Water Hyacinth Handicrafts factory.

Mrs. Melinda Bonayos, owner of proprietor of Double Day Handicraft in Purok Onse, Poblacion. was once featured by Inquirer for weaving water hyacinths into bags and handicrafts. Bonayos is Tacurong’s pride in water hyacinth hand-weaving. I’ve seen a few of their products. This innovative eco friendly handicraft making industry is blossoming into a distinct Tacurongon product. Their handicrafts a perfect pasalubong to your love ones.

4. Take your snacks at Fortune Place and Canteen.

Fortune’s fresh lumpia and palabok is undoubtedly, the best fresh lumpia and palabok there is in this country.  I’ve been patronizing this place  since I was in high school.  Their main place is still teaming with balikbayans wanting to taste again their good old lumpia and palabok. Ask any Tacurongnon about their food, you’ll hear nothing but good stuff.

5. Have lunch at VE JR Exit for their sumptuous african hito delicacies

This place pioneered african hito dishes in Tacurong. The restaurant is even growing hito in ponds inside their restaurant. Deep fried and their adobong hito are amongst my favorites. They also cook the famous Ilonggo delicacy called Nilagpang- another must try.

6. Try out Nanding’s Lechon Manok & Native BBQ

If you want an authentic Tacurong “native” chicken barbecue, Nandings’ your place. Nandings is already synonymous to Tacurong when you are asking for native chicken barbecue.  And no one beats them in this category. 

7. If you want to dip at a resort pool , head to Monte Vicenteau Resort. 

One of the best swimming pool resort in town. Located in the outskirt of Tacurong and inside a durian/lanzones farm, this place boast of a spacious, blue colored relaxing pool. While it’s a bit far from the city, many people choose to go to this place because of its clean, well maintained pool.

8. Dine at Palm Bistro.

Hands down, the best dishes in town. The full line of dishes suits just every taste bud there is. And cooked better. I bring visitors and family on special occasions to dine in this place. Great food, great service, reasonably priced. What more should you ask?

9. Fine dine too, at Dad’s Menu

I’ve recently seen Dad’s Menu renovation of their place. It is now a DOT accredited restaurant. Dad’s menu forte is in fine dining. I’ve only eaten once in this place so I can’t possibly say anything about what I didn’t taste. The renovation probably had some sweeping changes in their restaurant I can’t wait for a review of their place.

10. Want spa massage to cap your night? Head to Bodyrest Spa.

Massage and spa entered  late into Tacurong’s  growing industry. But is catching up fast with its surrounding spa places. I understand not all would find BodyRest Spa’s quality at par with known Spa centers in Mindanao. But their service is quite improving, fast. Great staff too.

I know I know, these are all events, restaurants, pools and food places. I’ll provide a review of some place once I’ll “experience” them. Comment below for your suggestions! Go!

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- I’m a traveler. I work fulltime as a medical professional. I go to different places most of the time I’m off my day job. I shoot photos for fun, hack computers for even more fun and play badminton as my exercise. And yes, I’m not rich.

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